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Game tracks.



Att arbeta med nosen är någonting de flesta hundar är duktiga på och älskar att göra. Och med ett luktsinne som är vida överlägset en människas, så kan hundar utföra fantastiska prestationer med sin förmåga att känna dofter i mycket små koncentrationer. När du till exempel går i naturen kan hunden känna dina doftmolekyler som hamnar på marken, växter och grenar, oavsett underlag och lång tid efter att du har passerat förbi.


In game tracks, you pull a hoof from a deer or pig, a dead bird or another animal you want to teach the dog to track. At the same time, a little nut blood is dripped into the groove. The trail must then be left so that the human scent disappears. Then let the dog find and follow the trail.  

This is how you train search dogs, among other things.


The dog works with a low nose, ie it tracks directly in the track that a human has left when he / she has walked. You can track on different surfaces and the difficulty increases if the track has been lying for a long time, laid on a hard surface or if it is very windy. Laying tracks that go over different types of surfaces is also a bit tricky for the dog. 


The dog works with a high nose, ie the dog does not track at ground level but with a carried head searches for human scent. A person is completely or partially hidden in the terrain and the dog must find and mark - do not make direct contact with - the person who has been hidden. The marking the dog must make is either a persistent must until the driver has arrived or the dog is working with a roller marking. 

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