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About hilly dogs.

Och kuperade hundar

There are many thoughts about the rules that exist about hilly dogs. Here we try to find out what actually applies according to the laws and regulations that exist and what it means for you and your dog.


You must not make interventions that change the appearance of your dog. Tail and ear docking is not permitted unless it is necessary for veterinary reasons. A dog that has had its ears cut abroad may not come to Sweden until the ears have healed properly and they no longer need to be taped or have an ear position. In Sweden, it is forbidden to tape the ears or have them in positions after a hilly because the dog is in pain and as it means suffering for the dog. It is also not legal to tape, tie or otherwise force up or down a dog's ears if it involves suffering.

Sweden has had a ban on docking dogs since 1 January 1989.

For imported dogs with hilly ears and / or tail, the following applies according to Swedish law / in Sweden:

  • The dog is not allowed to participate in the show

  • For dogs born abroad, hilly dogs may participate in tests, competitions and mental descriptions, if there is documentation that the dog has been hilled in a country where it is still legal.

  • The dog may do BPH - if it is imported from a country where hilly is allowed

  • The dog may be used in breeding and may thus have registered offspring if it has approved X-ray results regarding HD & ED and has performed BPH in accordance with the requirements set for each breed.

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