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& Personlighet

A dog with a good mentality works well in his everyday life and feels good. Although we train, compete and hunt with our dogs, the vast majority of them are companion and family dogs in the first place. We should thrive together and have a good everyday life together. The dog's mental characteristics are important for how our togetherness looks like.

How should a Cane Corso be, behave and react?

Today, more and more dog owners and breeders use different descriptions and tests to get a clearer picture of their dogs' behavior and personality. The tests can provide valuable information about the individual dog and also help breeders to see which dogs are best suited to use in breeding.

​ We want our dogs to be healthy, talented and beautiful - but just as important is that they have a good mentality. In order for the breeding work to benefit the development of dogs with the temperament and mental qualities we appreciate, the breeders' choice of breeding animals is crucial. As a breeder, you must have the ability to examine your dogs' mentality from a perspective that is not just emotional.

Kom ihåg att  du som medlem i SKK och som deltagare i SKK's aktiviteter har har skyldighet att känna till SKK's regler. En av dessa regler säger att hund kuperad i ett land där kupering ej är tillåten äger inte rätt att delta i utställning eller på BPH. 

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