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Laws & Rules.

Oregistrerad hund är det inte, i alla fall inte hos SKK

Raising, buying and having a dog is the most fun there is! We get so much joy and love from our four-legged friends, but there are other benefits: new friends, exercise, knowledge and not least company - what dogs give is so amazing!

But being responsible for an animal also means that you have an obligation. The EU, Sweden and SKK place high demands on us. Sometimes it can feel difficult to keep track of what is going on. Here we present some of the laws and regulations that we must all follow.

It is important to point out that the breed club, RACC, does not have a legislative function. RACC can thus only make recommendations, while SKK can require its members to follow set rules in order to be a member and participate in SKK's activities.


It is the state authority, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, which prepares detailed rules and ensures that the Animal Welfare Act is complied with. The Swedish Board of Agriculture's regulations state what applies to breeding and keeping dogs and if we do not follow these rules, there is a penalty written in Swedish law.

RACC rekommenderar att du köper en registrerad Cane Corso med stamtavla från Svenska Kennelklubben, SKK, eller om du väljer en utländsk hund, att hunden har stamtavla från det landets officiella kennelklubb. Är hunden kuperad bör du känna till att det är få länder där kupering är tillåten. Endast hundar födda i - och kuperade i - länder där detta ingrepp är tillåtet möjliggör att din hund kan delta i BPH. 

Det är registreringen som gör att hunden betraktas som renrasig. Observera att om du köper en hund som kanske förvisso har renrasiga föräldrar men hunden själv saknar stamtavla blir den ändå betraktad som blandras. Du kan aldrig själv - efterhand - registrera din hund hos SKK.


Att din valp kommer från en uppfödare ansluten till SKK och att valpen har en stamtavla är en viktig första kvalitetsstämpel och något som är viktigt för rasen i stort.


A registered dog is the same as a pedigree registered dog, ie a dog that has a registration certificate / pedigree issued by the Swedish Kennel Club. Since the dog is registered, it has one  registration number that is unique to that particular individual. With the help of the registration number you can find a lot of information about the dog, for example which relatives the dog has, if it has any results from shows or tests, if it has any results from registered health examinations and much more.

Within the SKK organization, only dogs that are registered / pedigree are bred. It provides a security year puppy buyer who can easily find out a lot of information about the relatives of the upcoming puppy. The registration is also associated with extensive regulations that set requirements for both breeders and breeding animals.

Unregistered dogs are considered crossbreed dogs and may not participate in SKK's activities.



That a dog is registered in the Swedish Board of Agriculture's central dog register is one thing, registering his dog in SKK's dog register is something completely different. 

The Swedish Board of Agriculture's register is a state ownership register that was created to reduce the problems with dangerous dogs. The Swedish Board of Agriculture registers an ID number (tattoo or chip) and ownership information. There is thus no information about pedigree, health examinations, mental status, competition results, etc. Consequently, the Swedish Board of Agriculture does not issue any pedigrees or registration numbers either. The Swedish Board of Agriculture's register thus has no value when it comes to breeding or information about individual dogs or dog breeds, but can only be used to determine who is responsible for a dog that has behaved aggressively and to help stray dogs home.

SKK's register / pedigree has existed for over a hundred years and was created to be a resource in breeding and breeding and to give puppy buyers information about the puppy you buy. Each individual in the register has a unique registration number and a pedigree and can thus be linked to other individuals. A lot of data about the different dogs is also stored in the pedigree book. Results from health examinations, competition and show results, results from mental descriptions, etc. are saved for the future and shown to the public and prospective dog buyers on the Hunddata web service. For breeders, there is the service Breeding data which shows information from SKK's pedigree book in a form that is adapted for those who are interested in breeding.

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