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That's how it goes.


The dog usually becomes sexually mature when it is 6-15 months old. For smaller breeds, this happens earlier compared to larger breeds and our breed is a large breed, so we often expect a Cane Corso to become sexually mature at about 15 months of age. Normally, all dogs, regardless of breed and sex, must be fully sexually mature at 24 months of age.

The process of becoming an adult takes time and sometimes makes up for it for the individual and his environment. Ghost ages where many things are perceived as frightening are replaced by periods where the individual feels that he / she can and does everything. We humans like to make comparisons with ourselves and refer to the different developmental periods as adolescence or five-year defiance.


No matter what you want to call these periods, you will experience both easier and more difficult moments and it can feel nice to have a ballpark. Both your breeder, dog trainer and veterinarian are good sounding boards and  we at RACC are also happy to help.


RACC would like to advise some caution to have too much faith in various forums on the internet.


Sometime between six months and one and a half years of age, most bitches become physically sexually mature and start running for the first time. This means that they are fertile and can have puppies, even though it happens that bitches do not ovulate during the first and sometimes second run.  

But bitches are neither physically nor mentally mature when they are this young, the idea of puppies should take at least another year. If we go to the legislation, it is expressly forbidden to mate bitches younger than 18 months and the Swedish Kennel Club's own basic rules also have a writing that regulates this.


RACC recommends that bitches that are mated have reached at least 24 months but preferably reached 36 months.

Bitches usually run twice a year. But there are bitches that only run once a year as well as there are bitches that run both three and four times. Most common in our breed, however, are two races a year.

The bitch starts to bleed, that's how you know she started her run. There are large variations in how much a bitch runs, ranging from a few small drops to real splashes. Some bitches are good at licking the blood while others let you clean. Most bitches bleed around three weeks and you can see that the blood changes appearance during this time. As the high tide - ovulation - approaches, the blood becomes light.

Some bitches change their behavior during their runs, they can get tired and want to rest a lot. Keep track of temp and if you are unsure, contact your veterinarian.

About 10 - 11 days in, it is usually time to mate your bitch, but even here there are large variations. To be able to ensure that you mate on the right day, the veterinarian can make a vaginal section where you can see under a microscope what the cells in the vagina look like. With this knowledge, the veterinarian can decide when he / she will do the next examination: a blood test that shows the progesterone level. Progestorone is a hormone that determines when ovulation should occur and the veterinarian can use this knowledge to calculate when the optimal time for mating falls.


The veterinarian usually recommends that you do the first vaginal smear and / or progesterone test on days 7-9 during the course. Sometimes you need to do more than one test. The most common reason why a bitch goes empty (does not get pregnant) is that the mating took place on the wrong day in the race. Therefore, vaginal smears and progesterone tests have become appreciated aids for dog breeders.


Male dogs 


En hund kan bli dräktig på två sätt, genom naturlig parning eller genom konstgjord - artificiell - insemination. 

Ungefär 10 - 11 dagar in i löpet brukar det vara dags att para sin tik, men här finns stora variationer. För att kunna säkerställa att man parar på rätt dag kan veterinären göra ett vaginalutstyk där man i mikroskop kan se hur cellerna i vagina ser ut. Veterinären kan med denna kunskap bestämma när han/hon gör nästa undersökning: ett blodprov som visar progestoronnivån. Progestoronet är ett hormon som bestämmer när ägglossningen skall ske och veterinären kan med hjälp av denna kunskap beräkna när den optimala tidpunkten för parning infaller.

Veterinär brukar rekommendera att man gör det första vaginalutstryket och/eller progestorontestet dag 7-9 i löpet. Ibland behöver man göra mer än ett test. Den vanligaste anledningen till att en tik går tom(inte blir dräktig) är att parningen skett på fel dag i löpet. Därför har vaginalutstryken och progestorontesterna blivit uppskattade hjälpmedel för hunduppfödarna.


Om man låter hundarna para sig naturligt är det lämpligt att ge hundarna god tid att lära känna varandra. Det är också viktigt att veta att det är förbjudet att tvinga eller hålla fast hundar som skall paras. När hanen har ejakulerat sväller penis så att hanen fastnar i tiken. Hanen glider av sin position och vänder sig så hane och tik står med bakdelarna mot varandra. Detta kallas "hängning" och den pågår från några minuter till en timme.


Att para naturligt anses av många som det allra bästa för både hane och tik, både fysiskt och känslomässigt. Statistik visar att naturlig parning också är den säkraste metoden för att få en tik dräktig.

Vaginal smears.

Vaginalutstryk löpdag 10,

progestoronnivå 31,0 nmol/L.


Vaginalutstryk löpdag 14,

progestoronnivå 84,0 nmol/L.

Nysamlad sperma.

Pigga & glada simmare!

Thawed and not quite alert

Cane Corsospermier.


Example of a nice mating.


Professor Eva Axnér is preparing an insemination at SLU's Reproduction Center.


A dog can become pregnant in two ways, through natural mating or through artificial - artificial - insemination.


If you let the dogs mate naturally, it is advisable to give the dogs plenty of time to get to know each other. It is also important to know that it is forbidden to force or hold dogs to be mated. When the male has ejaculated, the penis swells so that the male gets stuck in the bitch. The male slides off his position and turns so the male and female stand with their buttocks facing each other. This is called "hanging" and it lasts from a few minutes to an hour.

If the bitch is to be inseminated, it is always a specialist veterinarian who performs the insemination. Sperm can be fresh, chilled or frozen and it is also collected by a veterinarian with specialist expertise. Insemination is painless and relatively quick. Sperm are inserted using a camera-equipped instrument and deposited either just outside the cervix or inside the uterus. It is not allowed in Sweden through surgery, an incision in the abdomen, and inserting the sperm into the uterus.


A bitch is pregnant for 9 weeks, which is 63 days. But a 58-68 day long pregnancy is to be considered normal. The bitch gets fat at the end of pregnancy, you usually see a round belly at week 6.


Experienced breeders can see a number of different signs that the bitch is pregnant; the teats turn light red. Sometimes you notice a decreased interest in food, even refusal to eat and visible nausea at about three weeks gestation in an otherwise food-loving bitch. Plus with the typical clear, tough, odorless discharge during the second half of pregnancy, many breeders are sure that the bitch is pregnant.

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