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Vad är bra hundavel & vilket syfte fyller densamma?

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Breeding and being a breeder is actually the same thing. When you mate your first bitch and your very first litter is born, you are a breeder! This means many things, including the fact that you have contributed to the next generation of Cane Corso. The generation that will be the dogs of the future and pass on important qualities. For this reason, it is very important that all breeders are helped to select the very best dogs that are suitable for breeding. Dog breeding within the Swedish Kennel Club takes place with consideration and respect for the dog's health, breed type and animal welfare.  

RACC, which is the Swedish breed association for Cane Corso, has the task of supporting and helping both dog breeders and future dog buyers. All breed clubs have the task of creating a document that describes each breed in detail. This document is "The breed-specific breeding strategies", RAS and are action plans for breeding within a specific breed. They describe both problems and strengths that can be found within the breed and contain the breeding recommendations that the breed club members have agreed on.


The Swedish Kennel Club works together with the special clubs and breed clubs to develop strategies for breeding within certain breeds. The goal is for the dogs that are bred to be healthy and functional from all aspects. The work with RAS is based on a description of the current situation and the problems that exist in the breed today. Consideration is given, among other things, to the dogs' health, mentality and exterior. The strategy also describes what goals there are, how the goals are to be achieved and when.  Both breeders and male dog owners should familiarize themselves with the breeding strategy that applies to the breed.

Where can I find the breeding strategy for my breed?

Completed Breeds can be found in the Dog Breed Guide under each breed, see the link below. If you have questions and concerns about RAS, contact the breeding officials in your breed club / special club. It is also possible to contact someone on the club's board if there is no specially appointed contact person for breeding issues. Of course you will find RAS for Cane Corso here on the website!


It is the state authority, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, which prepares more detailed rules and ensures that the Animal Welfare Act is complied with. The Swedish Board of Agriculture's regulations state what applies to breeding and keeping dogs. For example, it is not permitted to use a dog in breeding if it feels bad about it and if there is a risk that the offspring will inherit diseases or disabilities.

According to SKK's basic rules, which you as a breeder are obliged to follow, you must always draw up written purchase or feed value agreements if you are about to transfer a dog. The basic rules are even clearer: the purchase and feed value agreements must have content determined by SKK and therefore SKK's agreements must be used. The agreements that are mandatory to use when transferring are purchase agreements, purchase agreements with retained breeding rights or feed value agreements.

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